Installing the Sound Alerts Twitch Extension is your first step in increasing the interaction with your viewers while earning more Bits. The following steps will guide you through the process of installation.

1. Install Extension

To install the Twitch Extension to your stream, head over to the Sound Alerts dashboard and click the “Install Extension” button.
You will be redirected to the twitch dashboard in which you want to press the “Install” button. A window will pop up, you can just press the X or “Continue Browsing”


2. Setup and configuration of the Twitch Extension

For you to be able to configure the Twitch Extension, press the “Extensions” button in your Twitch creator dashboard.

Implement Extension3.png

You will be redirected to a site with all extensions available. Just press “My Extensions” and you will see Sound Alerts. Press “Activate” and head over to the next step.

Implement Extension4.png

Option 1 (Panel): To install a Twitch panel for your stream, press the “Add as new panel” button.

Implement Extension5.png

If you chose this option the Extension will be displayed under your Livestream in your panels.


Option 2 (Component): To install SoundAlerts as a stream component, use the “Set as Component 1” button. If you chose this option the Extension won't be displayed in your panels. It will be shown on the right side of your livestream video player when your viewers move the mouse over.


From here on, you will find the Sound Alerts component on the right side of your Streaming screen.


3. Success

Once you added Sound Alerts as a panel (or component) and authorized the Twitch permission, you can head over to your Twitch live streaming page and will see that the Sound Alerts Extension was successfully added.

Next Step: Implement the browser source

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