Shoutouts on Twitch are a great way to honor and support other content creators in your stream. Our Shoutout alerts let you amplify that effect with an additional alert that appears as soon as a Shoutout is activated in your chat. This guide will show you how to set them up in a few simple steps.

What are Twitch Shoutouts?

By using the /shoutout command for a channel of your choice, you can send your viewers an individual notification to follow that specific channel. The streamer who received your Shoutout will also see a notification in the Twitch Activity Feed. Read more about Shoutouts in the Twitch FAQ.


This image shows the Twitch Shoutout interface.

How do you set up Twitch Shoutout Alerts in your Stream?

Before setting up a Shoutout alert, you have to complete these two steps:

After that, you can continue with the setup by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the My Alerts tab of your Sound Alerts Dashboard
  2. Click on the "Other Alerts" section
  3. Click on "+Add new Alert Event" and select "Shoutout"
  4. Customize your alert by adding an animation, sounds, a chat notification, or Text-to-Speech via the settings on the right side
  5. Test your alert via the "Test in browser source button" at the bottom of the settings to see if everything looks good (make sure that your streaming software and the browser source are opened)
  6. Congratulations, you completed the setup of your Shoutout alert.

This video shows you how to set up a Shoutout alert using Sound Alerts.

Explore other Alert Types for your Stream

You can use Sound Alerts to set up various alert types and even more. If you are looking for additional help, feel free to visit our Discord to talk to our staff directly. Happy streaming!


No, this is not possible.

Yes, your mods can use the command to activate Shoutouts and Shoutout alerts.

Yes, you can do that by using the Sound Alerts Library.

Yes, simply add TTS via the alert settings on the right side.

Yes, you can do that. It will randomize the sound used each time it is activated.

This is not the right solution? We are happy to help you!

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