Integrate the Browser Source

After completing the basic Sound Alerts setup and installing Prism Live on your mobile device, it is time to combine these two by integrating the Sound Alerts browser source.

1. First, visit your Sound Alerts Dashboard and copy your Sound Alerts browser source URL.

How to integrate Sound Alerts into Prism Live 1.gif

2. Now, open the Prism Live app on your mobile device and swipe to the left to reach the My Studio section.

How to integrate Sound Alerts into Prism Live 2.jpg

3. Click on Widget and then Web in the options that should appear. Paste the copied Sound Alerts browser source into the URL section and click on save.

How to integrate Sound Alerts into Prism Live 3.jpg

4. You should see the Sound Alerts browser source in the My Studio menu afterward.

How to integrate Sound Alerts into Prism Live 4.jpg

Your Prism Live app and Sound Alerts are connected, and you are ready to proceed.

Customize Sound Alerts inside Prism Live

In addition to the customization tools on the Sound Alerts Dashboard, you also have some options inside the Prism Live app. For example, you can change the size and position of the Overlay of your played Sound Alerts.

1. Swipe to the left inside your Prism Live app to reach the My Studio section and click on the Sound Alerts Browser Source
2. Now, you can drag it to the desired position and size.

How to integrate Sound Alerts into Prism Live 5.jpg

If you have any questions left, please get in touch with us and visit our Sound Alerts Discord Server.

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