Here are some things you can do if you can see the visual animation of an alert but can not hear the sound.

Sound Parameter

If one of your Follow, Sub, Raid, or Other Alerts does not have a sound, check if the sound parameter has been added to the respective alert. To do this, log into the Dashboard and navigate from Alerts to Other Alerts. Select the alert you want and check if the sound parameter is enabled. If not, add it and select a sound to play when the alert occurs. Press the save button and test the alert in the broadcast tool.


Windows Audio Settings

Check your Windows audio settings. Open the Windows Volume Mixer and check if the volume of your OBS is loud enough or enabled.


OBS Audio Settings

Check the audio settings inside your OBS and review if

  • The correct output device is selected
  • The Sound Alerts browser source is not muted


If you have any questions left, please get in touch with us and visit our Sound Alerts Discord Server.

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