One of the most important features of Sound Alerts are the alert designs, so that each of your alerts has a unique look. With your latest update, it is now also possible to use video files as alert designs.

In this article you will learn how to upload a video file and add it to an alert event.

  1. First you need to log in to the Sound Alerts website. In the dashboard, navigate to "Overlays" and stay on the "Alert Design" tab.


  1. Next, click on the "Add a new Alert Design" button and a window will open. Here you select "Media" and in the new window you have the "Upload your own media" button on the right side.
    Now you can drag and drop your video into the upload field and it will be uploaded automatically.

How to add a video as your alert overlay2.gif

  1. After a successful upload you have an overview in that you can adjust various parameters, including audio volume as desired.

Before saving, name your alert to make it easier to identify it later.

How to add a video as your alert overlay3.gif

Finally, you only need to customize your new alert and your alert event, such as Subscription or Follow. If you need help with this, please have a look at this article.

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