How should I handle Follow Botting?

Being selected as the target for follow bots can result in various unfortunate experiences in your livestream: Usually, follow bots will cause your livestream to be flooded with notifications and can be very annoying and stressful for you and your viewers. This article will guide you through the described situations:

Stay Calm

Most of the time, the person/instance who is follow botting you wants you to get mad or irritated, and you don't want to provide them with such a reaction. Luckily, you can disable the notifications easily with Sound Alerts.

Disable your follow notification

Disable all follow alerts as long as you get botted. If you do that, your chat and livestream won't get filled with spam anymore. To disable your Sound Alerts follow notifications, please visit your Sound Alerts Dashboard and disable the alert for new followers.

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Talk to your viewers

Let your viewers know what's going on and that you are being followed botted. This way, you can handle the situation together, and your viewers can understand what you are doing or why you've disabled the follow alerts.

Reporting the user

If you know who caused the follow botting on your account, feel free to report them to Twitch and use appropriate screenshots and meaningful proof.

If you still face problems after this guide, do not worry: You can join our Discord server to talk to our team of Sound Alerts experts.

This is not the right solution? We are happy to help you!

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