Your Sound Alerts browser source can appear offline for multiple reasons — these are the most common ones.


You can also use our Sound Alerts Browser Source Troubleshooting Video Guide to find the cause of your issue.

Implement the browser source in your streaming software

If the Sound Alerts Extension on Twitch says your browser source is offline, you must ensure that your browser source of Sound Alerts is active. Make sure you correctly implemented the Sound Alerts browser source in your broadcast software using our Setup Page.

Refresh the cache of the browser source

If the Sound Alerts browser source is not online, even if you implemented it in your streaming software and the streaming software is opened, there might be an issue with the source. In that case, please try to refresh the cache of the browser source. Open the properties of the Sound Alerts browser source in your streaming software and click the "Refresh cache of current page" button.


Change Browser Source Hardware Acceleration

If this still does not help, go to your OBS Settings -> Advanced and try again by either enabling or disabling the "Browser Source Hardware Acceleration".


Error logs for advanced troubleshooting

For a better analysis, our support specialists need more information. Do the following:

  1. Copy your Sound Alerts browser Source URL
  2. Paste it into your web browser and press ENTER
    • Now, a white page should appear
      • If you already have an error here, please send us a screenshot of the error.
  3. Now press the F12 key
    • Here, you have to open the console tab
  4. Now play a sound. The sound and the respective animation should now be played in the web browser. If this does not work, you will now see error messages in the console tab.
  5. Please take a screenshot with WIN+SHIFT+S.
    Now, you can open a ticket via our contact form or on our Discord.


If you have any questions or need additional help, please reach out to us and join our Discord Server.

This is not the right solution? We are happy to help you!

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