This guide will show you the features of the Sound Alerts Library and how to use them.

Searching in the Sound Alerts Library

The first feature is the search, which lets you search for any sounds and videos available in the library — an excellent way to search for specific memes or variations. It also shows you some of the trending search items below the bar.

Filtering the Sound Alerts Library

The next feature is the option to apply additional filters to your search, to help you find the video or sound you want. You can select the following filters:

  • Moods like Happy, Scared, Calm, or Sad
  • Tags like Animals, Sports, Music, or Meme
  • Length of the video or sound

Sound Alerts Library.webp

Uploading your Sounds and Videos

The upload feature lets you upload and create your own Sound Alerts with video or audio files. Simply click on the "+Create" button on the top right to get started.

Sound Alerts Media Upload.webp

If you have questions, or need help regarding Sound Alerts, please reach out to us and join our Discord server.

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