There are several ways to edit the Sound Alerts chat notifications. This article will showcase all of these and explain how to use them.

1. Extension and Channel Point Sound Alerts

Head to the "My Alerts" (1) tab first. Now select either "Extension" or "Channel Points", depending on what you want to set up. In this example, we will stay with the "Extension" sounds.


Now make sure that "use overlay from alert settings" is selected under "Overlay" (2). Hit the "Save" button down below.

After that, we want to adjust the remaining settings (3) within the "Alert Settings".

Select "Alert Settings," and a new window will open.


In the example, you can see that we are using the "Default" alert, but we haven't added a chat notification yet. To do this, we simply click on the "Chat Alert" button (4).


Here you can set the message that the bot should send to the chat when someone plays a sound via our Extension.

Once you have set this to your liking, click on "Save" two times, and you will return to the dashboard. Finally, press "Save" again and receive an "Updated" notification.


2. Alert Event / Other Alerts (Followers, Subs, etc.)

First, we navigate back to "My Alerts" (1) and go to "Other Alerts" (2).

Here we have already set up two alerts. We want to add the chat notification to our follower alert (3). For this cause, we select "Edit" in the first step. (4)


A new window opens, and we will click on "Chat Alert".


Here, you can customize your chat notification: Press "Save" when you are finished with that.


Now, you can see that you have successfully added the chat message and press "Save" one last time.


After that, you get redirected to "My Alerts" and can continue with the customization.


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