In this guide, we will show you how to set up a Hype Train alert for your livestream on Twitch using Sound Alerts.

What are Twitch Hype Trains?

Hype Trains are a special type of Twitch event that appears when many of your viewers activate a Sub, Sub Gift, or Cheer within a short time frame. They will appear on top of your chat and can have multiple levels. Participating viewers can gain access to exclusive emotes during Hype Trains. Hype Trains are only available to streamers with the Affiliate or Partner status. Read more about Hype Trains in the Twitch FAQ or our blog.

How to set up Hype Train alerts on Twitch?

Before setting up a Hype Train alert, make sure to finish these steps:

After that, you can proceed with the following steps:

  1. Visit our Dashboard and log in
  2. Click on My Alerts in the navigation bar and then on Other Alerts
  3. Click on +Add new Alert Event
  4. Select "Hype Train" in the dropdown menu
  5. Customize the Hype Train alert via the settings on the right side
  6. Test your alert via the Test in browser source button at the bottom of the settings to see if everything looks good (make sure that your streaming software and the browser source are opened)
  7. You have successfully created your Hype Train alert for Twitch — the settings will save automatically as you go

This video shows the setup of Hype Train alerts in Sound Alerts

How do you set up different alerts for your Hype Train Levels?

To set up different Hype Train alerts for individual levels, follow the steps above and make sure to adjust the minimum level setting. This way, you can create multiple Hype Train alerts with different sounds and/or animations.


Need additional Help?

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Yes, you can do that by selecting different minimum levels in the alert settings.

You need to be an Affiliate or Partner on Twitch to use Hype Train alerts.

Yes, Sound Alerts lets you add TTS to Hype Train alerts.

Yes, you can use the Library to add your own sounds, GIFs, and videos.

Yes, Sound Alerts supports every alert type available on Twitch, including Subs, Bits, Channel Points, and more.

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