The new Sound Alerts Extension Setup Segments make it even easier to set up and customize your Sound Alerts Extension, and this article will show you how to use them. If you generally need help setting up Sound Alerts, please watch our dedicated video guide.

Select the Sound Alerts Extension layout

Using the new Sound Alerts Extension setup segments, you can now easily choose between three different options for your Sound Alerts Extension display. You can find these by visiting the "Settings" of your Sound Alerts Dashboard and clicking on "Setup".

Extension Setup Segment Showcase 1.gif

Those three options are Panel, Component, and Overlay.


If you choose Panel as your layout, it will add Sound Alerts as a Panel below the livestream player of your Twitch channel.

Extension Setup Segment Showcase 2.gif


If you choose Component, it will add Sound Alerts as a Component your users can open via a click on the right side of your livestream.

Extension Setup Segment Showcase 3.gif


If you choose Overlay as your layout, it will add a Sound Alerts logo as an icon on the top-left of your stream your user can access via a click.

Extension Setup Segment Showcase 4.gif

Congratulations, you have completed the setup of your Sound Alerts layout! If you have any questions left, please get in touch with us and visit our Sound Alerts Discord Server.

This is not the right solution? We are happy to help you!

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