Random Sound Alerts Showcase

This article will show you how to use the random Sound Alerts feature, a great tool to give your livestream some surprising and fun elements.

What is a random Sound Alert?

A random Sound Alert is a feature that lets your viewers play a random alert sound from a predefined list you created.
This allows your viewers to create unexpected situations while you can still make sure the alerts suit your livestream.

Creating a random Sound Alert

If you want to create a random sound button, just visit your Sound Alerts Dashboard, go to "My Alerts", click on "Add New Button," and select "Random Sound".

Random Sound Alerts Showcase 1.gif

Creating a List for your random Sound Alerts

To ensure that the random Sound Alerts only play the Sound Alerts you want, you can create and select a list for your random Sound Alert button. Initially, the list will include all the Sound Alerts from your current profile. If you want to adjust the list, visit your Sound Alerts Dashboard and click on your random Sound Alert. You can add and remove all the sounds you want, load a profile, and adjust the volume of the sounds in the list.

Random Sound Alerts Showcase 2.gif

Alert Design and Price

You can also select an overlay and the price in Bits or Channel points for your random Sound Alert.

Random Sound Alerts Showcase 3.gif

Please note that if you want your random Sound Alert to cost Channel points, you have to create it in the "Channel Points" section on your Sound Alerts Dashboard.

Random Sound Alerts for other Alert Types

By visiting the Other Alerts page of the Sound Alerts Dashboard, you can also add random alert sounds to alerts for Followers, Subscriptions (Subs), Raids, and more.

Random Sound Alerts Showcase 4.gif

Congratulations, you have created your random Sound Alert!
If you have any questions, please get in touch with us and visit our Sound Alerts Discord Server.

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