In addition to the Bit Alerts within the Twitch Extension, you, as a streamer, can also create Sound Alerts via Channel Point Rewards. At the moment, you have ten slots at your disposal. We show you the three ways to increase this number of slots here.

1. Refer a friend

To find your distinctive Sound Alerts referral link, go to the Dashboard and select your profile picture located in the upper right corner of the screen.
Following that, you should choose 'Refer a friend' located at the bottom center of the account settings. This action will display the Sound Alerts friend referral overview.
Your unique friend referral link will be visible in this section. If a streamer holding Affiliate or Partner status signs up for a new Sound Alerts account using your link, both of you will gain five extra slots immediately.

2. Translators program

You can contribute to translating Sound Alerts services on Crowdin. Sign up for a free account on the linked page and begin translating 100 or more strings, which will grant you various benefits, such as Sound Alerts Channel Points slots (only available to Twitch Affiliates and Partners - limited to 15 slots in total per account).

3. Clip contribution

You can also join our Community Discord and send us a funny and entertaining clip using Sound Alerts in your channel.
Just create a ticket at 🎫‖-open-a-ticket, and someone from our team will ensure you get more Channel Point slots. If you are cool with us using your clip for social media, please give us the usernames of your social accounts, and we will tag you as soon as your clip is used.

Other questions or bugs found? Then feel free to come to our Discord. We will help you.

This is not the right solution? We are happy to help you!

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